Birthday Parties Las Vegas

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Birthday Parties Las Vegas BLAST!

battleBLAST Laser Tag offers the best birthday parties in Las Vegas!

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At battleBLAST, we believe that it’s the party that counts. The birthday child wants to have fun, eat cake, and open gifts. The parents want the birthday child to be the “star of the show” and have a great, memorable time with friends and family.

The party also needs to be easy. Who has time to plan a party? All the details…
• How many kids will come?
• How much food do I need?
• How will I entertain the kids?
• Decorations to buy…

Birthday Parties Las Vegas Fun!

As Las Vegas parents ourselves, we know there are numerous ways to celebrate a child’s birthday, but in today’s busy world, the easier to plan the better. Lots of precious time and effort can go into calling venues, getting prices, sifting through what’s included, and figuring out what you need to provide yourself…did you remember the candles?

That’s why at battleBLAST Laser Tag we have always been about easy, stress-free, all-inclusive birthday parties. Imagine just showing up knowing that everything has been taken care of…even the candles.

Birthday Parties Las Vegas

battleBLAST offers several different party packages.
Birthday parties can include:
• Invitations
• Laser Tag games
• Pizza
• Fountain Drinks
• Birthday Cake
• Arcade Tokens
• Private Party Room
• Dedicated Party Host
• All paper plates, napkins, cups, and utensils
• Balloons on party tables
• Goodie Bags
• …and candles!

battleBLAST Birthday Parties Las Vegas

Our goal is the make birthday parties easy for you. Parties can be booked in person, over the phone, or online. Our team members will confirm all party details and order all food for your party. We understand if more party guests arrive…who RSVPs?! All guests will play laser tag games together, and we can quickly get more food for your new party guests.

Your party host will take care of serving all the food and drinks, cutting the cake, and cleaning up the mess.

Finally, a party you can actually enjoy instead of stressing over the details!