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Family Fun Las Vegas

Too busy for Family Fun?

Engaging in family activities together offers an ideal opportunity to create lasting traditions, rituals and family memories. Unfortunately, time for fun has decreased markedly in the past 30 years. While this may seem like the unavoidable side effect of our increasingly busy lives, bringing the fun back is not as hard as you might think. The good news is that Laser Tag is an easy and inexpensive way to increase your family fun time.

Bring Back Family Fun!

Amid the pressures of work, errands and home, a busy parent needs to find time to emphasize family fun. Setting aside a specific time to focus on fun with your kids increases the family fun quotient – a perfect way to connect and bond with your children.

Family Fun Las Vegas

Laser Tag in Las Vegas

Unlike other indoor activities where parents just get to sit and watch their children play, Laser Tag encourages the entire family to play and compete together. Played often enough, Laser Tag can become a ritual providing connections between family members and foster loving, healthy relationships.

Benefits of Family Fun time include:
• A strong emotional bond between parents and children
• Improved communication between family members
• Better grades in school
• Fewer behavioral problems

Positive Family Competition

Fun competition among family members can a great bonding experience. Kids will remember the time they beat Dad at Laser Tag or the time the teamed up with Mom and defended their base from attack. A child’s school requirements, sports, and clubs can be stressful. Competitive family fun can allow a child to relax, laugh, and enjoy spending time with their family.

Family Fun Las Vegas

battleBLAST Laser Tag was created by a Las Vegas family for all the families of Las Vegas to enjoy. Let us help you have a BLAST with your family!