All You Can Play (AYCP) Events

All You Can Play (AYCP) Events

All You Can Play Sessions for $20 per player

Monday-Thursday: 4-10pm
Friday Night 8pm-12am
Saturday Night 8pm–12am

Please see our Calendar for Special Hours

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How does it work?

Players purchase All You Can Play (AYCP) wristbands for $20. They then have to obtain a colored game card to gain admittance into games. After finishing a game, players need to obtain a new game card for the next available game. Games during busy Friday and Saturday Night AYCP are run continuously back-to-back to limit wait time between games and allow more games per player. AYCP nights are limited to a maximum number of participants.

Can I pre‐purchase wristbands?

AYCP wristbands can be pre‐purchased either in person, over the phone, or online. The wristbands and receipt will be held for the players upon arrival. Pre‐purchased wristbands are non‐refundable.

Room Rentals during the All You Can Play

Room Rentals are available for the duration of Friday and Saturday Night AYCP 8pm-midnight for $50. This cost does not include food, beverages, party host, or AYCP wristbands. Outside food is not permitted, with the exception of cake/cupcakes (with room reservation). Party food and unlimited beverage cups are available for purchase. All players will need to purchase AYCP wristbands and obtain game cards for admittance into games. Games are subject to availability and all players in your group may not necessarily get to play together in the same games.

Are you a non-profit group?  Contact us about a Free Room Rental during our Friday or Saturday Night All You Can Play event.

Please contact a manager to reserve a room during AYCP (702)228-0951.

Member Day

Member Day

Every Thursday ‐ Member games are only $4!


maximum of 4 players per membership

This great deal makes being a battleBLASTer  even better!

Players must be at least 42 inches tall to play laser tag and be at least 6 years old. No exceptions.