Laser Tag

The Laser Tag Experience

Laser tag is a high‐tech game of computerized hide‐and‐seek, tag, and capture‐the–flag all rolled into one. The object of the game is to score points while defending oneself and one’s team’s base from attack.

Points are scored by tagging other players as well as team bases and arena targets. A typical game experience includes a briefing of game play and rules, a stop in the vesting room to pick up a vest/phasor pack, and then heading into the arena for intense competition!

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battleBLAST Laser Tag offers an experience different from any currently available in Las Vegas. Stepping into our 5,800 sf, multi‐level arena is like walking into your own live action video game filled with unfriendly foes, pulsating music, and intermittent flashes of light and color breaking through the hazy darkness to bombard the player’s senses. Players must be at least 6 years old to play laser tag. No exceptions.

Briefing Room


Players begin their battleBLAST experience by entering the Briefing Room. This begins the instructional phase where a qualified staff member (marshal) explains the equipment, game objectives, and the rules.

Briefing Room


After players have been briefed, they enter into the next room and choose a phasor. Games can be either solo or team games depending upon the amount of players.

Laser Tag Game Pricing